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27 maio 2020

Sea jellyfish are the most useful creatures on our planet.

Why does humanity think so little about the world around us.

In the world there is a global human madness. A terrible disaster for the oceans. The total destruction of marine jellyfish !!! This will be a global mistake of mankind. Water is the main asset of our planet. The basis of all living matter on Earth. Sea jellyfish are the most useful creatures on planet Earth. They have high intelligence. The world ocean shows humanity its great mind in the form of sea jellyfish. But to humanity the fate of our planet has always been indifferent. Although, according to simple logic, he will not allow anyone to pollute and destroy his specific house - apartment.The meaning of the existence of marine jellyfish is not difficult to understand. To do this, you just need to observe their actions and analyze these actions.For example: from a ship or yachts household waste is released into the sea.I personally have repeatedly observed this. Waste most often moves towards the coast, including to the beaches.When this happens - people stop swimming.

 Nobody wants to go into sewage.But then some time passes and I see a large number of marine jellyfish that surrounded the pollution zone.The mind of the oceans gave command to the closest detachment of marine jellyfish, which before that were far from the coast at the bottom.The world's oceans even locally command marine jellyfish to eliminate pollution.The following happens: sea jellyfish begin to absorb dirty water in large volumes.They burn all absorbed dirt inside themselves with special acid.They break down molecules into components and release absolutely pure water from themselves.They work like filters, and are incredibly effective.Let's see.Can someone think of getting rid of the oil filter at the engine of their car? No, humanity has an understanding here. There will be no filter at the motor - the end to the motor!But why not understanding - there will be no sea jellyfish - there will be no clear water either in the oceans, or in the seas and rivers!?What do we see? Such a river as the Ganges, for example, and almost all the rivers of the planet throw huge amounts of dirt into the oceans.And at the exit of water from rivers to the ocean in such places, the ocean is torn over an attempt to purify the water.

 Therefore, the ocean sends large groups of cleaners - marine jellyfish to these places.What are people doing? Fishermen catch marine jellyfish already by nets and destroy them on the shore. They destroy them in tons. I personally saw a video from the Far East, where this happens every day.Fishermen say that there are few fish because of marine jellyfish. Dull reasoning. There are no fish due to dirt. The fish is not a stupid creature, it leaves dirty water and looks for clean water. And in the dirty waters the ocean sends thousands of sea jellyfish. The ocean tries to cleanse itself, but people are very hindering it with its stupidity and disrespect for the planet.And how do people behave on the beaches? Parents teach children to throw marine jellyfish out of the water onto the beach and trample on their feet.The vast majority of people on the planet do not think about the natural processes on the planet at all. Stupidity and barbarism are the main characteristics of today's civilization.It requires the intervention of an organization of the highest status, such as the United Nations,human activity should not harm our planet and the oceans in particular.I want to ask you to bring the essence of the problem to the barbaric destruction of sea jellyfish to the world community. I also ask you to give the status of the most useful creatures on the planet to sea jellyfish at the level of the United Nations. Without clear water on the planet, mankind is doomed to quick death.

To change the situation, material costs are not required. We all need to just leave marine jellyfish alone and understand their paramount importance for the future existence of civilization.I would oblige all beach owners to have posters on the beaches explaining the great benefits of marine jellyfish, and this information should change the worldview of adults and especially children in relation to our planet. This is not expensive - the owners of beaches can afford it.

                                                                                        Composer and guitarist Valery Dzyabenko                                         



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