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Romantic, polyphonic and educational - thematic music for the guitar.

The global music platform MUSICNEO recommends to your attention more than 30 compositions for classical guitar on this site. 

These are wonderful works, such as, for example, "Sailing" - a rondo for guitar - a multiple winner of many contests.Or a romantic composition about the history of a Mexican girl - this play for the guitar was also awarded numerous awards for the high artistic level of the composition.The composition called "Winter Evening" also sounds very beautiful. An uncomplicated performance and an easy to remember play.A romance without words is another song that has received an award at the competitions of composers - guitarists. The small three parts tell a love story called "I'm trying to forget you." A decoration for any guitarist’s repertoire will be a play for the guitar called Hummingbird. Dynamic and easy to perform.If you are a lover of pathetic music - for you a gorgeous adagio called "Cavatina" is also a prize-winner of contests of composers - guitarists.

screen saver video clip "Mexican girl." "Time Movement" - we also recommend it to all lovers of the polyphonic genre. This is a very beautiful and dynamic prelude for the guitar in the key in a minor.Both your listeners and you will be interested in performing a few more preludes - these are preludes in C major and D minor. Beautiful harmony and thoughtful fingering.

Here you can find a lot of teaching material for beginner guitarists. Etudes "Swing", "Snow fell", No. The Little Scherzo and many other very simple pieces for guitar.

The beauty andharmony of our planet - its oceans, forests and mountains, the countless variety of life forms of flora and fauna. Therefore, the composer is very worried about environmental problems, and on the site’s blog you can read some articles by Valery Dzyabenko on these topics.

The beauty of the seasons is also an endless source of inspiration. Various historical events are heroic epochal characters. The beauty and grandeur of our Milky Way galaxy and of course the Universe and its great Creator.All the works of the composer carry a meaningful imagery of worldview, are convenient to perform, easy to learn and remember.To help all the sheet music are also equipped with tablatures.Many of the composer's plays have received awards for their high artistic value.

Polyphonic music for classical guitar.

Guitarist album. Easy music for guitar.


22 June 2020, Article
I'm in love with a mexican girl
Love story of a Mexican girl from a simple family of a fisherman and a young prosperous millionaire. After daily hard work, helping her father and mother to bring to the market and sell the caught fish, the girl always relaxed on the ocean. One young ...
01 June 2020, Article
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