Simple and convenient pieces and etudes for guitar

Selected works and collections for guitar. Diverse styles and genres. Sheet music for beginner guitarists and graduates of musical schools.

The global music platform MusicNeo presents on this site works for classical guitar by composer, guitarist and teacher Valery Igorevich Dzyabenko. Here for today 32 guitar compositions and 2 separate collections are offered to your attention.

Music of various genres and styles. Romantic and polyphonic, blues-jazz, etudes for guitar. Here are guitar compositions that are technically very simple for the first year of study, and more difficult for the subsequent years of learning to play the guitar.

There are a number of compositions for those who already have a very good command of the instrument. You will definitely enjoy our recommended compositions for classical guitar:

To acquaint you with the works of the composer, we will begin with the simplest and then in ascending order:

The repertoire of the guitarist from the first to the seventh year of study. 

A very simple waltz for completing the first year of classical guitar training.   Key in A minor. You can perform this waltz at any tempo. Link to get sheet   music and tablatures: 

sheet music

Etude No. 1.  

Very simple and easy to learn. Many children master this guitar  etude after 3-4 months of guitar practice. They really like this music.

Etude No. 1. E minor.

And this is the nextEtude No. 2. It has the name "It was snowing" . Lyrical warehouse, in a comfortable key of A minor. Also technically available after a few months of learning to play the guitar. And besides the arpeggio, it uses a few more playing techniques that children like - pulgars and semi-flies.

Link to sheet music:     It was snowing

Children play this play, called " Summer Day " either at the end of the first year of schooling, or at the beginning of the second. With all the melodic variety, the piece is easy to learn and perform. Cheerful and not boring music - like children and their parents. Sheet music here:Summer Day

In this collection there are many more compositions for the first and subsequent years of learning to play the guitar. Guitar arrangements of music by European composers of the 17th-18th centuries. Collection of polyphonic music for a classical guitar


      Second and third years of learning to play the guitar

    Etude No 3

. Beautiful harmony. Dynamics and moderate difficulty in building bar positions. Combinatorial arpeggio is applied. Link for scores:  Etude No. 3


Dance in the key of A major. An uncomplicated work and is a success with children. They play with enthusiasm. Progressively develops the technique of playing the guitar, in particular, such a technique is used in passages as the so-called. "transfer". Score link:  Polka

Music in the style of the time of Queen Elizabeth the first. This piece is good for learning to play in thirds. 

English dance

Small scherzo

.  A moving piece in the key of A major. Develops various techniques of playing the guitar. Convenient and thoughtful construction of positions on the guitar neck - allows you to show a kind of childish virtuosity in the performance of this piece. Sheet music reference:   Scherzo


    The third and fourth years of learning to play the guitar

   Prelude - relaxation. D minor.

Children like it very much. Learning and memorizing is easy. Beautiful harmony. Starts in minor and ends in major. Convenient positioning of positions and a minimum amount of difficulties. It also plays well on acoustic guitar. Sheet music reference: Relax

  Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Beautiful minuet from suite No. 2. Arranged in a comfortable A minor. Perfect for the polyphony training section. The work is not the simplest, but effective if the children play it masterly. Sheet music reference:   Minuet

  Etude No. 5. 

Title - "Swing". The melodic structure resembles the swinging of a swing. Dynamic and not very difficult. Develops arpeggios well for both small and large barre. The etude can be performed both at a moderate speed and very quickly. Sheet music:Swing

A very figurative work. " Winter evening ". Cantilena. Well suited for the exam program to demonstrate the ability to play melodiously and various techniques. Sheet music:   "Winter Evening".

Beautiful unpretentious music. "Country Waltz" . Figuratively conveys a simple rural life. Mastering chord playing and simple passages. Sheet music:Waltz

Little aria. 

A beautiful and uncomplicated polyphonic composition in the key of E minor. Well suited for the educational section "polyphony" in music schools.

Little aria.

Suite dance in the genre of gigue. Polyphonic structure. Well suited for the educational section "polyphony" in children's music schools. Gigue. Dance

A movable composition called "Hummingbird" . Music for academic concerts. Like children and listeners. Key in E minor. Easy to learn and memorable.Hummingbird

   Johann Sebastian Bach. Sarabande.

Arranged for classical guitar. Unlike other transcriptions in the key of B minor, this is performed in A minor. This made it possible to remove numerous barrets and make the arrangement technically accessible for the middle grades of music schools. Sarabande.

The famous and very beautiful song of the Italian composer Ernesto de Curtis and the poet Giambattisto de Curtis. Simple and elegant arrangement for classical guitar in the keys of A major and A minor. " Come back to Sorrento .""Torna a Sorrento."

A play called " Naughty Doll ". With this composition, children have repeatedly become laureates at guitar competitions.   "Naughty Doll".

Bourret and gavotte. Two in one. 

Polyphonic composition for the educational process in music schools. D minor. Bourrée and Gavotte (two in one)

   The fourth and fifth years of learning to play the guitar.

Prelude in A minor. 

Moving polyphonic music. The technical basis for performing this prelude is the principle of combinatorial arpeggio.The movement of time. Prelude in a minor

Toccatina in E minor.

Polyphonic warehouse. Dynamic composition for academic concerts in music schools. Toccatina (E minor)

Download sheet music right now !!! Beautiful waltz in classical style.

Etude - triplet.

Quite a technically complex piece, but very useful for the further development of performers' technique. Key in D major. Etude - Triol


 Prelude in C major. Polyphonic warehouse.Very sophisticated music with beautiful harmonization. Well suited for classical music concerts. Prelude in C major

                 Fifth, sixth and seventh years of study.

The music is very interesting in structure. The technique is based on combinatorial arpeggio. The composition is dynamic and versatile. The name " Sailing". Dedicated to the brave travelers sailing the oceans alone.Sailing

Etude № 6. The title "First Snow". The technical basis is combinatorial arpeggio. Quite a complex work, but interesting in concept and with a figurative plot.   First snow. Lyric-dynamic opus

Romantic composition for guitar with the title "I try to forget you ...". Consists of three small parts. Key in E minor. Concert music. A romance without words.   Romance without words 'I'm trying to forget you'

Johann Sebastian Bach. Aria from Suite No. 3 "Air". Arranged for classical guitar in the key of C major.  Aria from Suite No.3

Cavatina. Adagio in E minor. Beautiful lyrical composition for classical guitar of a concert plan. The sixth string is tuned to the D note.   Cavatina

Romantic composition in Latin American style called "Mexican Girl" Mexican girl


Sheet Music

  • Mom's waltz
  • Classical guitar — Arr. …
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  • Summer day
  • Classical guitar
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  • Sarabanda
  • Classical guitar
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13 Jun 2021
A modern classical style waltz for guitar.
This is one of the last musical works of the composer Valery Dzyabenko. Waltz with beautiful soulful melody and distinctive harmony. The music is dedicated to the composer's mother, Nina Alexandrovna Lisitskaya. The waltz is called "Mom's Waltz". Year of creation 2021.
23 Mar 2021
I slightly changed the sound and score of the famous mazurka "Adelita" by composer F. Tarrega.
I don't like precise reprises in music. I have replaced them with some variable interpretation.
23 Mar 2021
Blues-Jazz-Zyklus von Kompositionen für Gitarre mit dem Titel "Karibische Landschaften".
Kompositionen "Morgen"  Kompositionen "Abend" Kompositionen "Nacht"