Simple and convenient pieces and etudes for guitar


13 Jun 2021
A modern classical style waltz for guitar.
This is one of the last musical works of the composer Valery Dzyabenko. Waltz with beautiful soulful melody and distinctive harmony. The music is dedicated to the composer's mother, Nina Alexandrovna Lisitskaya. The waltz is called "Mom's Waltz". Year of creation 2021.
23 Mar 2021
I slightly changed the sound and score of the famous mazurka "Adelita" by composer F. Tarrega.
I don't like precise reprises in music. I have replaced them with some variable interpretation.
23 Mar 2021
Blues-Jazz-Zyklus von Kompositionen für Gitarre mit dem Titel "Karibische Landschaften".
Kompositionen "Morgen"  Kompositionen "Abend" Kompositionen "Nacht"
23 Mar 2021
Блюза-джазовый цикл пьес для гитары " Карибские пейзажи ".
Пьеса " Утро ". Пьеса " Вечер ". Пьеса " Ночь ".
22 Jun 2020
I'm in love with a mexican girl
Love story of a Mexican girl from a simple family of a fisherman and a young prosperous millionaire. After daily hard work, helping her father and mother to bring to the market and sell the caught fish, the girl always relaxed on the ocean. One young man from his yacht has already repeatedly watched the beautiful Mexican woman. What happened next? - find out from the video. Full score composition. Full score
27 May 2020
Sea jellyfish are the most useful creatures on our planet.
In the world there is a global human madness. A terrible disaster for the oceans. The total destruction of marine jellyfish !!! This will be a global mistake of mankind. Water is the main asset of our planet. The basis of all living matter on Earth. Sea jellyfish are the most useful creatures on planet Earth. They have high intelligence. The world ocean shows humanity its great mind in the form of sea jellyfish. But to humanity the fate of our planet has always been indifferent. Although, according to ...
29 Apr 2020
Polyphonic Pieces for Classical Guitar
A collection of polyphonic pieces for classical guitar is intended for students of children's music schools. The complexity of the pieces is designed so that you can begin to get acquainted with polyphony even from the 1st grade, and then to the 5th or 7th. Here you will find arrangements for guitars of music of European composers of the 17-18th centuries.  The collection contains many works that are not in other publications. For example, the famous aria by J.S.Bach from suite No. 3. The ...