Simple and convenient pieces and etudes for guitar


Valery Igorevich Dzyabenko was born in 1961. According to the sign of the horoscope - Aquarius.

For the first time he picked up a guitar at the age of 5 years. It was a seven-stringed instrument, back then, with metal strings. It was the guitar of his paternal grandfather and his grandfather's name was Alexander.

The first attempts to play anything on the guitar for Valery ended with bleeding cuts on his fingers. At that time, the guitar did not make a big impression on the boy. And the parents sent Valery to a music school to learn to play the piano. And then came the era of hard rock.

Valery is 10 years old. And he once accidentally heard the broadcast of the music of the Deep Purple group on Western radio stations banned at that time in the USSR; 

- this fact became decisive in the decision to master a musical instrument - the guitar. And of course it was an electric guitar. A school ensemble is being created and for all childhood and adolescence it has become a favorite hobby of the future musician. And at the same time, interest in the classical guitar appeared.

It arose from Valery's interest in classical music in general, which his mother Nina Alexandrovna 

instilled in the boy, and at the moment his most favorite composers - classics are Frederic Chopin and Johann Sebastian Bach. In those same, now very distant years, Valery had a desire to compose his own music. These were rock compositions, and music in the 
DISCO style, various pieces of a romantic warehouse on the piano and classical guitar. But, nevertheless, Valery's first higher education was in physics and mathematics. But even during his studies at the Kuban State University, he had a landmark meeting with an outstanding

guitarist and teacher Vladimir Nikolaevich Zaika. This guitarist was for the next few years the main teacher-guitarist for Valery Dzyabenko. Further, work as a guitar teacher in various clubs in the city of Krasnodar, the second higher musical education, and now work in music schools in the city. 

Classical guitar and classical music took the first place in the biography of Valery Dzyabenko. He has written a large number of different genres of music for guitar. Works for both beginner guitarists and professional musicians. 

Romantic, polyphonic and blues-jazz music, etudes for guitar, etc. A number of compilations for classical guitar have been released. For example, a collection of polyphonic music for classical guitar, which presents transcriptions of music by composers of the 17-18 centuries, performed by Valery Dzyabenko. You will find a number of works by the composer and guitarist on the pages of this site. We hope that you will like them and will be included in your repertoire or the repertoire of your students.

  Valery Dzyabenko