Simple and convenient pieces and etudes for guitar

Guitarist's Album: Easy Pieces and Simple Etudes for Classical Guitars

  Guitarist's Album: Easy Pieces and Simple Etudes for Classical Guitars  
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ComposerValery Dzyabenko
PublisherValery Dzyabenko
Genre Classical / Etude
Instrumentation Classical guitar
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Duration 11'0"
Difficulty Easy
Year of composition 2016
Description The material of the educational repertoire plan, intended for both beginner guitarists and those who have been involved in the guitar for more than 1 year.

So, for example, studies "Snow fell" or study number 1, you can begin to master after 2-3 months of practice with the instrument. And it is not necessary to withstand initially the pace of performance that is presented in the demonstration playback of plays or studies. These rates are a kind of reference point to which one can and should approach closer gradually, without undue overstrain, progressively from lesson to lesson.

We add that all plays and sketches are equipped with tablatures. They significantly help in mastering and remembering the location of notes on the guitar neck.

Also, the author managed to write all the plays and sketches of the album without such a difficult guitar mastery as a barre in mastering.

But to completely ignore the mastering of barre in any educational process, nevertheless, is not correct, therefore, in the study No. 5 of "Swing", the author originally envisioned the so-called small barre. A finger clamps 3 and less often 4 strings.

What tricks of the game and their development are provided in the album yet:

Different types of arpeggios. This is study No. 1.3.5 and study No. 2 "Snow fell."
Chord and triads, thirds.
Reception of the game Pulgar - when the thumb of the right hand plays from top to bottom on the 4th, 5th or 6th strings of the guitar.
Passages are fast-performing groups of notes.
In guitar music in general, they are present, as they say, all the time. The methodology for their development is the simplest; - from the slowest pace, and the main thing is the number of repetitions. The muscle memory of the fingers starts to work - this is a sign of successful development of the technique of playing the guitar.

Passages are presented in the plays The Little Scherzo and The Naughty Doll.

You will master the ability to combine accompaniment and melody. It is not simple, but important. The polka and waltz in the album will help you with this.

But in the pursuit of mastering the technical techniques of playing the guitar, one should not forget about the music itself. Figurative works. This color can be gleaned from many titles of the plays.

Try to play, mentally drawing in your imagination both the falling snow, and the unrestrained fun of children on a swing, the unpretentiousness of rural life and everything that your imagination tells you.
Upload date 18 May 2020


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